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                Company profile

                About Us

                It has won the honorary titles of "Fujian top ten fishing ship repair and construction enterprise", "Fujian famous brand product enterprise", "integrity unit", "advanced enterprise", "star enterprise" and "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise"

                Fujian Lixin Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., formerly known as guanpan repair and construction plant, Dianxia Town, Fuding County, founded in 1981, was renamed Fujian Lixin Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2006. It is located in Shacheng harbor, a good port in China, with wide water depth, convenient water and land transportation, specializing in the construction and maintenance of steel ships. The registered capital of the enterprise is 30 million yuan, covering an area of 520 mu, with a coastline of 1692 meters and a sea area of 239 mu. More than 500 employees and more than 50 middle and senior technicians……

                • 1981Year

                  Founded in 1981

                • 7000Million

                  Registered capital of the company: 70 million yuan

                • 600 +

                  Build more than 600 ships

                • 3

                  Three industry sectors

                • 100%

                  Shareholding ratio 100%

                +86 0593-7283388